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Residential Services

If you feel like your marble countertops or stone fireplace aren't what they used to be, Marble Doctor can help. This piece of home improvement is often overshadowed by more popular projects, but the difference marble restoration makes is undeniable.

With high quality service and attention to detail, we can restore your marble and stone surfaces back to their former luster and shine.

Stone Refinishing/Resurfacing

To complement stone repair, we resurface stone by honing the material to its original luster using grit industrial diamond pads and water. This reaches an even and consistent finish, preps stone for further honing or polishing, and ensures finishing consistency and color match.

Grout Cleaning & Replacement

Whether it's floor or wall tile, grout dirties and grays with time, overwashing, and use. We properly clean and replace old grout in your home.

Surface Cleaning

We offer interior and exterior cleaning to renew areas in need with the latest amount of impact to everyday traffic. Using natural pH cleaners and industry-standard stone-specific impregnating sealers, we clean residual organic compounds and seal for protection and resistance.

Surface Sealing

If your surface was cleaned by our technicians, we offer sealing to protect and resist precious marble. We seal and clean marble surfaces with industry-standard stone-specific impregnating sealers. We also apply mineral coatings and water repellents to exterior surfaces.

Stone Repair

At Marble Doctor, we do everything by hand. We perform color match epoxy repairs to broken tiles, tables, and slabs. To complement this process, we also resurface stone to ensure finishing consistency and near-perfect color match.

Stain Removal

Natural stone and cast concrete require special attention. We gently yet effectively remove stains from these surfaces using poultices and specific additives. This is the ultimate solution for stone statues, sealed countertops, and cast concrete walls.


Marble Doctor can help restore, refinish, and refine a variety of surfaces for your home or commercial building. We provide expertise in all natural stone maintenance and refurbishment of these fine surfaces.














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