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About Us

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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Holocaust Museum


When Marble Doctor was originally hired by the USHMM back in 2011 the natural stone restoration industry was much smaller and more intimate. The original owner George Reed had made a name for himself in the DMV for employing “Old World Techniques”. This quickly led to Marble Doctor becoming one of the premier names in restoration of natural stone at Historical properties. The initial project Marble Doctor completed for the USHMM was to hone stone slabs where the incorrect lettering size had been applied. The USHMM needed a knowledgeable company to ensure the appearance and integrity of the stone would not be compromised.

Our Mission to Preserve:

Due to Marble Doctors successful execution of the project we were later entrusted with another in 2014. However, we had no idea quite how significant this project would become until we visited the Museum and met with the resident Exhibition Specialist. The entire 3rd floor, along with several other areas, have porous concrete flooring, pillars, and walls. Over the 20 years since the Museum had opened its visitors had inevitably left visual signs of their time spent walking the halls of the exhibits. One of these areas included Cobblestones from Chlodna Street in Poland, which separated the two sections of the Warsaw Ghetto. It was now our duty to restore all of these areas to their original glory. This was easier said than done as without a doubt our most crucial task was preserving the artifacts that lay within the museum and on the very surfaces we were restoring.

Our Personal Investment:

During the project I personally oversaw the protection of Concentration Camp Barracks from Auschwitz. These artifacts had literally just been installed at the Museum and now Marble Doctor would be restoring the floor just inches away from where they sat. We also employed the use of a latex poultice to remove dirt and oil from concrete columns and knee walls that visitors constantly interact with. The almost instant difference in appearance was undeniable. As we worked our way through the building, the results of our labor led to yet another project. The USHMM then contracted Marble Doctor to clean several thousand square feet of Granite Flooring. Once again we would be working extremely close to irreplaceable pieces of history. Since the completion of these projects we have done some repairs to large marble walls and granite steps throughout the Museum. It was a privilege to be part of such an important project and an experience none of us at Marble Doctor will ever forget.