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Marble Trends of 2020

There are no other interior design options that can speak to sophistication and luxury to the level of marble. The historic and timeless stone has continued to evolve since humanity began using it thousands of years ago. In 2020, marble is continuing its evolution through what many are calling a “marble renaissance.” Here are the top five marble trends to keep an eye out for in 2020 as we begin the new decade:

1. Dark Stone

Many households are opting out of white marble and going bold by implementing black stone or dark green marble into the design of their home. This dark aesthetic adds a sophisticated presence while magnifying the color and effect of any added decor in the room. There are several gorgeous variations of black marble, many with golden, white, and pink veins interconnecting throughout. Adding dark stone to your home in 2020 is the perfect interior design addition to any room — if you are daring enough to try it.

2. Marble Accent Walls

Accent walls add a beautiful and impactful touch to any room. When done with marble, the aesthetic effect created by the natural stone is breathtaking. While this option can be the centerpiece of a stone kitchen or living room, it can also transform the master bedroom or bathroom into a work of art. When picking out the stone for your accent wall, think carefully about the color, size, and placement of the piece, as it will instantly set the mood for any other natural materials, accent decor, or furniture.

3. Marble Floors

While marble flooring is certainly not a new interior style trend, it will take on a new flooring trend in 2020. While you can install marble flooring throughout your entire home, adding a pop of marble flooring in the master bathroom, foyer, kitchen, or living room is a perfect way to use the stone. There are several gorgeous ways that the stone can be applied to flooring, such as modern tiles that are configured into modern geometric shapes or textured flooring, as well as endless color combinations. With all the possibilities, you can create one-of-a-kind marble flooring that is unique to your home and vision.

4. Matched Marble

When marble is used in a smaller room, such as the master bathroom, many homeowners are choosing to use pattern matching to create the effect of one continuous slab of stone. The stone is cut up and put back together like a puzzle so that all of the veins and colors of the stone match back together in its natural pattern. What is left is a stunning effect of matched marble being used in its most natural application.

5. Accent Pieces

You don’t need to install large marble pieces such as an accent wall or flooring to still achieve an elegant effect in your home. By implementing smaller marble accent pieces, such as a flower pot, cutting board, ceramic jar, coffee table, or marble vanities, you can enjoy this timeless stone while still finding ways to achieve a trendy look. The options for accent pieces are endless. When matched with the latest trends mentioned above, the results can be remarkable.

As you begin implementing the latest trends into the interior design of your home, don’t forget about The Marble Doctor. This natural stone requires continued maintenance over its lifetime to keep its color and shine. The Marble Doctor team is dedicated to helping our clients protect and repair their stone surfaces. If you have any stone maintenance needs, reach out to a team member to see how we can help you.

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