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At Marble Doctor, we pride ourselves on our marble polishing techniques. Over the years, many new polishing process enter the marketplace. In this case, new isn’t always best. All chemical polishing compounds coat the stone and interrupt the moisture vapor transmission (MVT).

It’s like putting a banana in a sealed bag. The banana begins to rapidly decay, faster than if it wasn’t in a sealed bag. Today’s chemical polishing compounds contain acids and fluorosilicate. When the MVT hinders due to the coating on the stone, it condensates below the coating and allows the moisture to reactivate the acids. The acids then eat the soft calciums, which bond the stone together. It’s not good for marble polishing.

Marble Polishing Techniques

At Marble Doctor, we use polishing powders that create a mild, organic acidic reaction that mitigated evenly across the stone. We vacuum and dispose of all polishing tools properly. No harsh chemicals are used during our process.

Because of this, we provide your surface with the highest quality natural polish by using the same techniques found in the quarry. These techniques process the stone and provide the original polish that you chose it for.

At Marble Doctor, we respect your surface and ensure our marble polishing techniques aren’t a detriment to your expensive stone. Using chemical coatings costs you a beautiful surface within 15 years. Natural stone is a green building product, yet it’s not the same compound after crystallization or re-vitrification. Many companies coat wood and metal architectural surfaces to protect them from exterior moisture that penetrate and damages the wood or iron in metal.

These companies must drip their varnish on stone and find it to be an inexpensive fix to maintain gloss on natural stone. However, when the surface deteriorates, these companies are nowhere to be found. Trust the D.C. marble polishing professionals at Marble Doctor to ensure your surface is maintained by our marble polishing specialists.

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