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About Marble Doctor

The Donatelli family held the secrets of stone restoration and repair, but their Old World craft needed to be passed down to a new generation.

George Reed learned these techniques by internationally recognized master craftsman, Joseph Donatelli. George and Joseph, a third-generation Italian, became trusted friends and confidantes who worked side-by-side for years. They traveled to the quarries of the eastern United States and Europe to learn everything they could about stone.

Satisfaction and shine. Marble Doctor offers residential services for kitchen countertops, marble flooring and tiles, stone fireplaces and ovens, and vanities and sinks.

The Old World techniques honed by George and Joseph are an art form that a limited number of people today take the time or have the innate talent to perform.

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George founded Marble Doctor to represent the knowledge and skills of these new-age marble artisans in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Join our list of revered marble and stone projects, including The Franciscan Monastery, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Monumental Life Building.

As a 25-year veteran of the natural stone industry, George and his company strive to preserve natural stone and marble using the Donatelli family's Old World techniques.

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