This service includes the following:

Slab Removal and Repair:

We perform onsite fabrication and re-installation of wall and floor slabs damaged or in need of removal for repair or other construction needs.

Dutchman Repairs:

We perform Dutchman Repairs to large areas of missing stone. We source like stone materials and painstakingly sculpt pieces to attach and fill missing areas of stone.


Resurfacing of walls, floors and ceilings repaired using the above mentioned methods. This final step returns the stone to it's original state.


The modern honing process uses a series of varying grit industrial diamond pads to remove minute layers of stone until an appropriate finish is achieved or the stone is prepped for polishing. Our machines use water to virtually eliminate dust from the process.


Polishing the stone involves a natural polishing powder that has been used through the ages in Europe to polish stone. The powder does not include harsh chemicals, wax or acid like some modern methods (eg., re-crystallization.)  This method has been proven over time as the best treatment for stone and is more economical in the long term.

These methods in conjunction with proper routine maintenance will ensure your surfaces look their best for years to come.

Maintenance Prescription Program

Marble Doctor creates a customized Maintenance Prescription Program for each of our scheduled maintenance clients. Each Maintenance Prescription Program is tailored to the individual traffic pattern of each specific surface. The plan will help avoid the high cost of replacing large areas of natural stone that may crack, spall or break apart when the only care given is washing and waxing. We also work carefully with the on-site staff to ensure the floor is being cleaned and maintained properly between maintenance visits. Here are some benefits of this service:

Recurring Maintenance:

Marble Doctor will perform routine maintenance to a new or refinished floor for a predetermined period of time. At the end of this term we will revaluate the condition of the floor to determine the best course of action for the future.

On-Site Staff Training:

We will work with the on-site janitorial staff to provide our recommendation for a daily and weekly cleaning and maintenance plan. This will ensure your surfaces look their best in between scheduled routine maintenance visits.


Professional Evaluation:

We will provide On-Site analysis of your surfaces followed by a written evaluation of the stone. Often times we will perform a myriad of tests to the stone with multiple organic compounds to demonstrate the effects they may have on the stone.

Recommended Course of Action

We will recommend services specific to the areas evaluated for immediate Restoration or Repair. Included in this service we will provide a written Maintenance Prescription Program for the client.