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Our Restoration services include many forms of rehabilitation of architectural stone surfaces either interior or exterior that require Refinishing and Repair work. In this process we employ and follow strict Historical Preservation Guidelines when necessary to certify the repairs are sustainable for the environment they reside. Thus ensuring the repairs and restoration will last as long as possible, be Historically relevant to the aesthetic of the Building, and provide a long term solution for our client.


Slab Removal and Repair:

We perform onsite fabrication and re-installation of wall and floor slabs damaged or in need of removal for repair or other construction needs.

Dutchman Repairs:

We perform Dutchman Repairs to large areas of missing stone. We source like stone materials and painstakingly sculpt pieces to attach and fill missing areas of stone.



Certified Restoration Mortar Installer:

Marble Doctor is a Certified Restoration Mortar Installer. This service is for stone cornice or façade that may have chipped or eroded over time. As a certified installer of Restoration Mortars we can provide a solution that can last for many decades and be virtually invisible to the eye.