Professional Stone Evaluation

Marble Doctor will visit your site and evaluate your specific concerns and issues with your Natural Stone Architectural Surfaces. We will provide written analysis of the current condition of the stone and required maintenance for the future. This service is helpful when choosing the correct stone for a property's maintenance budget before or shortly after installation.

Professional Evaluation:

We will provide On-Site analysis of your surfaces followed by a written evaluation of the stone. Often times we will perform a myriad of tests to the stone with multiple organic compounds to demonstrate the effects they may have on the stone.

Material Selection:

Marble Doctor will aid in the selection of natural stone finishes to better determine the sustainability of finish, required maintenance, and other determining factors important to budgeting for future needs. This service has been utilized by Development Companies, Architectural Firms, and Construction Companies.

Recommended Course of Action:

We will recommend services specific to the areas evaluated for immediate Restoration or Repair. Included in this service we will provide a written Maintenance Prescription Program for the client.