Other Services Available

Stone Cleaning:

We perform stone cleaning with the use of neutral pH stone cleaners specially formulated for calcareous and siliceous stones. This process will topically clean residual organic compounds that are present on the stone surface. Marble Doctor performs interior and exterior Stone Cleaning Services. This service has been utilized to clean entire Museum floors including cast concrete vertical surfaces. We employ solutions to clean areas in need with the least amount of impact to residents, clients and patrons.

Stone Sealing:

We perform stone sealing service to surfaces professionally cleaned by Marble Doctor Stone Technicians. We seal your surfaces with varying industry standard stone specific impregnating sealers for added stain protection and resistance. We also apply mineral coatings and water repellents to exterior surfaces.  

Grout Color Seal:

Marble Doctor Technicians are trained to apply Grout Color Seal to refresh the worn out color of your grout. This service is much cleaner and quicker than a full replacement and when performed in conjunction with our Refinishing Services can make your floors look brand new again.

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